My favorite thing to do, still, is look at old photos of my mom. I think she is the most beautiful woman. She is strong, the definition of survival. I could go on + on about that woman but the thing is, is that she made sure to leave behind a trail of her existence. She was present in images I remember + still look at. I distinctively remember a certain smile she had when she didn't feel like taking a picture, or the face she made when she felt beautiful. (she modeled bikinis... I know, right?!) 

Being a photographer, the camera is my third arm. This means i'm rarely on the other end of my lens. That changed a bit this year. It's a work in progress + it is getting easier but I found a village of AMAZING artists trying to do the same thing. We are a club, the RAD BABES CLUB. I found my way into this group through social media + have gained so much. Inspiration, confidence + most of all friends. Friends who get it. So basically the idea of this project is to get in the frame once a week, whether it be alone or with others, post to our FB group + continually encourage each other. Through these images, we stand side by side from all over the world. We see each other at our most vulnerable times. Tears, laughter, our kids being sick -these are images of us being present in life. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

I'm excited for the time when I can sit with my girls, pull out a box of old photos, tangible images, + relive the memories where I existed too. Where my face is next to theirs smiling or one of my self-portraits.