"fearless, adventurous and loving"


I had the honor of hanging out with this AMAZING little man recently. His name is Edin. Edin is everything a 6, almost 7 year old kiddo should be. He's fun, funny, loving, beautiful + in LOVE with being outside. I met Edin through an organization I am a apart of. It's called Spectrum Inspired.

Spectrum Inspired | OUR MISSION

SPECTRUM INSPIRED is a global community that connects, supports and uplifts individuals and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders. In order to educate the general public, our team uses Lifestyle Photography to document a diverse group of children on the spectrum and their families across the globe in effort to normalize and destigmatize ASD. It is our mission to give families a platform to voice their struggles, celebrate their victories and share their story; all the while, removing the stigma and stereotypes of what is thought to be representative of Autism and show the world just how broad and beautiful the spectrum is. 

Edin's mother shared her + Edin's story with me. The love + fight in this family is beyond words. I learned SO much from the little time I got to spend with Edin + his parents (+dogs). I am truly honored that I was invited to help tell a small part Edin's AMAZING story. I will carry a piece of Edin with me always as I help paint the word blue.

Thanks dude!  

|some words from Edin's Mama|

"What I've learned from my son can not be calculated or quantified yet, but I can tell you it's priceless. The way he sees the world, that's a view I want to share with him. And it's influenced me to be a better person, more patient and understanding to others. I've learned to stand up for myself and my family, advocating and building bridges where I can. If ever there was a squeaky wheel, I became it for my family- because of Edin. I appreciate and value things that can easily be taken for granted, because there's usually hours of work put into hard fought victories. I'm spreading the love as far and wide as I can, that different is not less, that mountains can be mole hills with grit and determination. I'll keep pushing the world to see what I see when I look at my son, so much determination to make life good, nary a care what others think and so much grit he could be called sandpaper."

|more of Edin's story|

Kishelle Linenko